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Wir kaufen ständig Brennholz, Pallets, Brikettes in Lkw Ladungen

Wir kaufen ständig Brennholz, Pallets, Brikettes in Lkw Ladungen

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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Suppliers

Our company has been working for years in sales with products
Wood splitter, wood chipper, log trailer , workshop machines and wood log products.
We serve approximately 80,000 dealers in Europe.

We add new suppliers for the products:

Split wood - Hardwood + softwood (please detail)
Range: 120x100cm 1m ³ RM / SRM 1.4 (pallet stacked 30-35CN crest length, dry with Restfeutigkeit -25%, oven-ready)
Carton 31 kg
24xPal.120x100cm 34 m³ RM/48SRM

Wood pellets range
Wood pellets bag / carton 31Kg
Wood pellets Semi way

Wood briquettes range 960-1000Kg
Wood briquettes 31Kg package / bag
Wood briquettes by truck ca22000Kg

Fire starters / wood package

Softwood logs 20-50cm thickness (pick up truck, please specify cubic meter specification and the specification with individual tribes
(Mean Mean diameter x diameter x stem length, measured without bark *)
Hardwood stems 15-60cm thickness (pick up truck, please cubic meter specification and specify the detailed specification of strains)

Hardwood logs cleaved, max like 6 months ago!

We can perform the pick-up by our freight forwarder.
Alternative delivery to the warehouse Buhl Buhl 77815 Vimbuch

Please send Anbebot quickly, we need for the 2013/2014 season, approximately 350 truck loads.

> We would expect your offer to build a long cooperation periods.

> Best regards

> M.P. distribution GmbH
> Phone :: +49 (0) 5541 - 7592980
> Fax: +49 (0) 5541-7592989
> Warehouse / Office: 77815 Buhl
> Administration: 34346 Hann. Munden, Wall 1

M.P. Distribution GmbH
Distribution for automotive workshop & forestry machinery


Impressum des Anbieters

M.P. Distribution GmbH

Vertrieb & Beratung

Bürozeiten von Mo-Fr 9,00-17,00 Uhr

Fax:+49 (0) 5541-7592989

Geschäfts + Verwaltungssitz : D – 34346 Hann Münden Wall 1
Geschäftsführung: Nikolas Schütze

HR Nummer: HRB 201779 Amtsgericht Göttingen

Geführt beim Finanzamt Göttingen unter St Nr. 20/200/41817

UST-ID DE273654246

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