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Dear Sir or Madam,

First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Ivan.

We are producing two types of wood pellets with the following basic characteristics:

Wood pellets – type 1:

Diameter of wood pellets: 6 mm.

Total moisture content: 7-9%.

Ash content: on average 0,4-0,5% (permanent DIN+ quality is guaranteed).

Packaging: in 1 000 kg big bags or in 15kg bags.

Wood pellets – type 2:

Diameter of wood pellets: 8 mm.

Total moisture content: 7-8%.

Ash content: on average 0,5-0,8%.

Packaging: only in 1 000 kg big bags.

Gross calorific value for all types of wood pellets: on average 4 900 Kcal/kg (19 500 kJ/kg or 5,4 MWh/t). Origin of the wood pellets – Ukraine.

The maximum capacity of our production plant is up to 7 tons of wood pellets per hours (up to 5 000 tons of wood pellets per month). We can arrange the transportation of the wood pellets to you.

6 mm - 15 kg (bags, "clean", without logo, signs, pictures) , FCA - 135 EUR per ton
In one waggon is 21 tons of pellets (20 pallets 1050kg each, on a pallet 70 bags 15 kg each). If necessary, the number of bags on the pallet will change.
6 mm - 8mm - big bags 1 ton each , FCA - 125 EUR per ton
In one waggon 22 big bags 1 ton each.

Payment after delivery on or before the payment.
Jytomyr region,11603 Ukraine

Faithfully yours,


+47 99880686 (Ilona)

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